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ONLINE TICKETS via TicketSpicket

  • All ticket sales are contactless (online only). NO CASH SALES at the gate.
  • No Complimentary passes will be accepted in Season 3 (Spring) -  includes ACPS Employees, VHSL, Senior Gold cards, etc.  All admissions must be purchased online.  Exception: Senior Nights
  • All online ticket sales are final unless the game is cancelled.  When a game is cancelled, the reimbursement process will be shared via e-mail.
  • Visiting and Home teams will receive a specific game code for online ticket sales for each game.
    • Go to, click ‘TICKETS’, and create a TicketSpicket account.
    • Download the TicketSpicket app on your mobile device. The app is available in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.  The app looks like this:

    • Type in “Western Albemarle”, Make sure that you have the correct Team/Date/Time.
    • Click “BUY TICKETS”
    • There is no code or limit to number of tickets that can be bought.
  • WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE GATE of Game/Event/Contest
    • Before getting to the Ticket/Check Table, access the tickets via the app on your mobile device. The app will prompt you to display your tickets.
    • The app will ask “Are you at the gate?”. Enter ‘Yes’.
    • The app will ask “Do you wish to use all tickets or select tickets?”. Select your preference.
    • The app will ask to “Press and hold the green button to validate?”. Once validated, it will ‘rip’ the ticket on the screen.
    • You will be asked: “Who is your athlete?”
  • Online Tickets FAQ’s
    • What if I am at the game but cannot access my tickets?
      • As long as the ticket is purchased, we have the ability to check you in.
    • Can I use a screen shot of the tickets or just show my code to gain entry?
      • NO!  You must have the actual ticket on your mobile device.
    • What about ‘Away’ game tickets?
      • Same process, home or away.


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